St. Andrew Episcopal Church


Our mission is to provide a loving Christian environment, welcoming all people. We embrace one another in our daily quest to accept God’s love, and with joyful hearts do God’s work in the world, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our History


The story of St. Andrew Episcopal Church begins right here in Gaylord in 1949 at Rockwell's Restaurant.  We are one of the two oldest churches in Gaylord.


As with many congregations, over the first few years, services were held in various places including other buildings and some members' homes.


In 1954 we were designated as a "Mission Church." We continued to grow and erected our own building, holding our first service at our current location on October 15, 1961. 


Today, we are an independent congregation offering respite from the world and hope for the future.

Our Leadership


The Rev. Pamela Lenartowicz, Priest-in-charge

Ms. Stacy Bishop, Treasurer

Mrs. Beverly Howell, Senior Warden - Class of 2022


Mr. Josh Howell, Junior Warden - Class of 2022


Ms. Susan Nye, Clerk - Class of 2023

Miss Roxann Morin, Vestry member - Class of 2021

Ms. Charlotte Rakich - Class of 2023

Miss Jackie Skinner, Vestry member - Class of 2023

Mr. Josh Howell, Organist

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