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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a seasoned Episcopalian or a first-time church goer, questions always come up! Check out this list to see if your question is covered. If not, please reach out to us at 989-732-4163. We would love to hear from you!


What should I wear?

Some people come dressed up and some come very casual. Please feel free to wear what makes you comfortable.


Are my children welcome in church?

Absolutely! We do not have a Sunday school so all children are invited into the sanctuary. Children are sometimes noisy, and that's okay! Usually the parents are more upset than our parishioners. Please don’t worry - we are glad to have your children with us! 


What happens in a service?

We sing hymns and read from Scripture. A sermon is said that reflect on the bible readings for the day. We will say prayers together, share the peace and then share bread and wine in Holy Communion.


Who can receive Holy Communion?

In the Episcopal Church, any baptized Christian is welcome and encouraged to take Communion.


How do I receive bread and wine at communion?

The Priest and the Eucharistic Minister will bring the bread and wine to the front of the pews. As you come forward, the Priest will place the bread in your hands. You will then go the person holding the cup.  You can either dip your bread in the wine or drink from the cup.


If you cannot come up to the altar for any reason, please wait in your pew and we will bring communion to you.


If you prefer to not take communion, you may come up for a blessing. Cross your arms over your chest to let the Priest know you prefer to receive a blessing.


If you do not wish to partake in the Communion, simply stay in your pew. Please feel free to do what makes you comfortable.


Do I have to put money in the offering/collection plate?

No, but your contributions are appreciated and help us continue our ministries. We believe it is our privilege and our duty to share our resources with others.


"Churchy" Words


 “Episcopal” is the name of our Christian denomination, and we are a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion. We approach faith in God through scripture, tradition, and reason.



The term "Eucharist" or "Communion" refers to the shared meal of bread and wine during our Sunday worship services. All baptized Christians are welcome at our table.



The people in the pews.


Diocese of Eastern Michigan:

St. Andrew is part of a regional gathering of churches in the Episcopal tradition is called a Diocese. A Bishop is the head pastor of the Diocese. Our Diocesan Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley. Our Diocesan office is in Saginaw. Click here to visit the diocesan website.



Our music all comes from a Hymnal and we all sing together. We use a variety of five different hymnals to give variety to our music.



The word means “The work of the people.” During the Liturgy we all work together to praise and pray to God.


Prayer Book:

This is the book we use to do our liturgy. Using the Book of Common Prayer has been our tradition since the 16th century!



This is the person that leads our worship and provides pastoral care. Our Priest-in-charge is the Rev. Pamela S. Lenartowicz. Please call her Pam.



The governing board of the parish composed of all lay people (not ordained) whose members are elected by the congregation at large. They serve as an advisory and policy-making council to the Priest-in-charge.


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